Unions Agree to Compensation for Interns and speed up oppositions

The Ministry of Territorial Policy and Public Function and the unions have closed the first interim reform on Monday afternoon , with the aim of lowering the high levels of temporary employment that the Administration has dragged for years . The figure that Minister Miquel Iceta has set is to reduce by 310,000 the places occupied today by interns; This does not imply that the people who currently occupy them go to fixed lines.

They are places that will go into opposition and that can be won by the current occupants or others, but which must be closed, as the parties have agreed, before 2025 .

It is the largest regularization of interns in the history of the Spanish civil service, if it ends up being fulfilled in all its magnitude. In the latest stabilization agreements -signed in 2017 and 2018 with the PP-, 218,671 places were detailed. Currently there are 154,483 summoned and only 56,236 already firmly occupied; less than a quarter.

“The Government had an obligation vis-à-vis the courts, vis-à-vis Europe, but also vis-à-vis Spanish society. We believe that we are complying with the agreement that we present to you today,” Iceta declared after the agreement was signed.

The main point of the document is the compensation of 20 days per year worked that will be available to all interns, whether they are from the civil service body or from the workforce, when they lose their position. This is stated in the last draft to which EL PERIÓDICO has had access and whose final document will be sent to the Council of Ministers this Tuesday.

In said ministerial conclave, the Government will cross out two of its pending commitments with Brussels: the first interim reform and the pension reform .

The agreement to modify the Basic Statute of the Public Employee (EBEP) has been made to wait and is a couple of weeks late, according to the first dates set by Minister Miquel Iceta .

The rejection of part of the autonomies to assume the text that the Government sent them has been one of the key factors that explain this delay, because they are the main affected by it. Since the highest levels of eventuality are concentrated in services managed from the autonomies, such as health or education; with percentages that exceed 35% of eventuality.

Data on eventuality in the public sector vary. According to the INE, there are 1.03 million workers hired in the public sector with a temporary contract.

According to the official Civil Service bulletin, there are 659,700 temporary and temporary personnel. And according to Iceta, among all of these there are 310,000 temporary abuses . “I hope that all those people who have dedicated so much time can stay in the Administration”, has affirmed Iceta; that, on the other hand, has buried the possibility of making those interns fixed by law in fraud. They must compete for their place.

Compensation for all interns
The main point of the agreement is the compensation for the interim who lose the position if the Administration summons the opposition and the interim who occupied it does not pass the process, either because said position has been amortized and is eliminated (only applicable to labor personnel ).

Regarding the latter, the right to compensation already governs in cases of this type, as consolidated by the Supreme Court in a recent ruling. However, there will be no right to compensation, neither in the event that the termination of the service relationship is due to disciplinary reasons, nor by voluntary resignation. And the cost of compensation must be borne by the contracting administration.

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