Nova H1 Audio Earrings Headphones MWC Launch 2021

Although today is the day in which the conferences and debates are taking place with the most illustrious guests of the MWC in Barcelona, ​​numerous product presentations are taking place in parallel. The most outstanding ones are mentioned here:

Nova H1 Audio Earrings Headphones

The Nova H1 Audio Earrings have just been unveiled at MWC 2021 which, at the moment, are the only pair of wireless earbuds embedded in a pearl and mounted on a gold / silver clip . They are also characterized by being the smallest headphones on the market, the value of the equipment is that they are outstanding and at the same time headphones. They seem outstanding, but you can listen to music and make calls with them.

To achieve this, the firm has patented Directional Sound technology that sends music or voice from the earlobe directly to the ear canal, preventing the diffusion and loss of sound and allowing music and conversations to be kept in total privacy, but still fully aware of what is happening around you thanks to out-of-ear technology .

According to the brand, they have been developed taking into account the needs and preferences of women, combining earrings and headphones. Thanks to their light weight and ultrasleep mode , when the headphones are not in use, they can be worn as earrings and answer calls when needed. On the other hand, by wearing them in the lobe instead of the ear canal, they make the experience more hygienic.

This Mobile will see the light of the company’s latest 5G processor: the Snapdragon 888+ 5G that among its most outstanding features will have a 3 Ghz clock speed, which means a significant increase of 5 percent compared to the 2.84 Ghz of the previous model. While in the artificial intelligence section, the Snapdragon 888+ 5G has an increase of 20 percent, being capable of performing up to 32 billion operations per second, according to the company.

The mobiles that integrate this processor will be able to capture videos in 4K using HDR, in addition to giving more fluidity and avoiding overheating when playing video games.

The most important value of the product is that it will help deliver the most significant performance and 5G speeds to users of all types of mobile phones.

Very affordable mobile from Alcatel

Alcatel mobile.

TCL today presented the Alcatel 1, a smartphone characterized by its very affordable price. It has a compact design and is equipped with a quad-core chipset, Android 11 (Go Edition) operating system, with the advantage that the Smart Manager option allows you to maintain smooth performance through intelligent application management, memory optimization and battery saving mode.

It has a 5-inch 18: 9 screen, curved frame and polished texture on the back that provides a non-slip and anti-fingerprint surface; as well as a moving light effect that complements the aesthetics of the model.

Among the integrated technologies it presents facial tracking that helps keep people focused; and Eye Comfort mode reduces the amount of blue light from the screen, helping to reduce eye strain. The price is 59 euros.

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