The Opposition Doubts The Legality Of The Fund Created By The Government

PSC and Cs will study in detail the decree law of the Catalan Executive to verify if it conforms to the law

The opposition doubts the legality of the fund created by the Government to cover the guarantees of the Court of Accounts.

PSC and Cs will study in detail the decree law of the Catalan Executive to verify if it conforms to the law. The ‘commons’ believe that the solution is to reform the election of the supervisory body.

The millionaire bonds that the Court of Auditors requires from 34 high-ranking officials of the Generalitat open a new battle between the Government and the opposition.

The PSC, Ciutadans and the ‘comuns’ have asked this Tuesday the Executive led by ‘president’ Pere Aragonès to comply with the law and do “things right” to avoid that, if he defends those affected , he does not end up incurring in some crime, as the Generalitat is the administration affected by the alleged embezzlement.

The Government spokesperson, Patrícia Plaja , has announced that the Government has approved a decree law that creates a Complementary Risk Fund of the Generalitat with an initial endowment of 10 million euros to cover the bonds requested by the Court of Accounts and “protect to all public servants in the legitimate exercise of their position “.

A few minutes before the announcement, the parliamentary spokesperson for the Socialists, Alícia Romero , has demanded that the Government comply with the law because “if not, a problem will lead us to a bigger one,” she said at a press conference from the Parliament.

Much more forceful has been the message sent from the ranks of Cs. “It cannot be that he makes the Catalans pay for the excesses of the separatist Government for their foreign paradiplomacy which consists of propaganda against Spain,” snapped the orange spokesman, Nacho Martín Blanco , also from the Catalan Chamber. “It seems to us an absolute outrage, and we will denounce it politically and, if necessary, also judicially,” he warned.

The ‘comuns’ have stressed that the decisions of the Court of Accounts are “absolutely arbitrary” and have defended that the solution is to modify the election system of this supervisory body so that it “ceases to be a farmhouse” of the PP. “The remedy cannot be worse than the disease,” said deputy David Cid to ask the Government to “do things right” and not offer a “solid and robust” solution. “It will be necessary to see if legally this proposal is sustained or not”, has settled.

The CUP , on the other hand, has celebrated that “the Generalitat is at the side of all the reprisals” and has encouraged “to avoid at all costs the occurrence of a situation in which there are first and second reprisals.”

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