Management Of Italian Rai Wanted Raffaella Carrà To Be Presenter Of Eurovision 2022

The director of the public channel has also revealed that they wanted the artist to also host the next edition of the Sanremo Festival

The management of the Italian RAI wanted Raffaella Carrà to be the presenter of Eurovision 2022. The director of the public channel has also revealed that they wanted the artist to also host the next edition of the Sanremo Festival.

The death of Raffaella Carrà has left some professional projects in the air that were yet to come to him. After Måneskin’s triumphs with ‘Zitti e buoni’ , Steffano Coletta, director of RAI 1, revealed this Friday in an interview that he wanted to propose the artist as host of the 2022 editions of the Sanremo and Eurovision Festivals.

” My thought, only mine, was to want her (to present) both in Sanremo and in Eurovision 2022 , but there was no time to be able to see each other and talk to each other. Really, today is not a professional pain, but a human one. years of collaboration, I found a friend who had a very rare trait in our work: she knew how to rejoice in the success of others, “said the manager of the Italian network in this intervention he made in Rai News24.

The proposal that the director of RAI1 wanted to make would also have meant Carrà’s debut as presenter at the Eurovision Song Contest after being the Italian spokesperson in the 2011 edition. In fact, the mythical singer was one of the favorites of the eurofans to drive. next year’s European pageant with Laura Pausini , one of her great friends.

In the event that this idea had come true, apart from the offer for Eurovision 2022, Raffaella Carrà would have presented his second edition of the Sanremo Italian Song Festival . The artist led the galas of the musical contest in 2001, a year in which she received much criticism for the low audience data they registered.

Raffaella Carrá dies at 78
\Raffaella Carrà died this Monday at the age of 78, a news that has shocked the entertainment world and all its followers around the world. Throughout his six decades of professional career, he combined the world of music with that of television, winning the hearts of audiences in Spain and Italy with some of his successful programs such as ‘Hello Raffaella!’.

Mixing vitality and joy, the artist carried the flag of sexual freedom with her songs, becoming a very important and recognizable reference of the LGTBIQ + community.

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